The future of augmented reality is bright

We have seen major changes in the past decade as tech companies continue to see the potential in AR as a tool. We have gone from the possibility of superimposing data into an entertaining experience to full games that embrace the potential of the technology. The marriage of AR and gaming is also important for other industries, such as education where PE and other subjects could get a boost. Then there is scope for growth in other industries, as companies see the potential in bringing AR and wearable tech into the workforce. The service industry could transform with new and more efficient services.

While it is easy to see AR, and MR as sci-fi versions of the VR we’ve grown accustomed to, AR is a bigger part of our lives than we realize. Therefore, it makes sense that in the near future we will see a wider range of applications and consumer-friendly gadgets. AR will take over much as AI did.

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