The AR gaming mobility paradox

There is a problem that developers have to overcome if they are to continue to get gamers on board with the AR gaming revolution. So far, the best AR titles have been on mobile tech. We hold up our phones and use the cameras and processors to showcase the characters, layouts, and other information we need. 66% of those surveyed say that the idea of gaming on the go is fun. But there are limitations to mobile gaming, especially for those that don’t like the handheld experience and are more used to console gaming. The field of view plays a big part in that. 33% of survey participants don’t like using their phones but still want to play.

This is where wearable tech like glasses can help. Google Glass may have bitten the dust but the much-touted Apple Glass could be the answer in the not-to-distant future. This technology would offer a sort of compromise between the headset of VR gaming and the current mobile experience. You would be able to go out and participate in games with a discrete system that is also hands-free and has that wider field of vision.

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