So, just how well does AR fit with the needs and expectations of gamers?

With all this talk of how the technology of AR gaming can enhance the visual experience and technical gameplay, we have to consider this important question. Does it still offer the main benefits that gamers are after? We need to remember that gaming is about relaxation and escapism for so many people. Escapism is a big part of AR titles because of that overlaid virtual world. There are also many players looking to add deeper immersion to their experience. But, is it still relaxing enough for those looking to take a break from work? Also, how will this all relate to the need for social gaming?

There is an interest in the expansion of AR gaming once companies are better able to deliver the games on the right tech. This means a greater desire for gaming glasses with AR. Apple needs to take this into consideration when working on Apple Glass. While many consumers are skeptical about the ability of AR gaming to deliver the experience they are after, there is hope. The majority of gamers do believe that AR will play a more prominent role in gaming in the future. However, most see this as a whole new gaming experience. Again, this leads to questions over whether all core gamers – especially those that like to relax with their console – will truly embrace AR gaming. In order to get things right, developers need to get over the current gaming mobility paradox.

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