Is augmented reality (AR) the next level of gaming?

This rise in AR titles and the interest of consumers does suggest that AR is the best way forward for the gaming industry. It is an evolution in terms of technology and capabilities, rather than just an advancement. The potential for immersive play is impressive and with mobile AR software estimated to be more profitable than VR by next year, it is clear that this is the horse to bet on. After all, Pokémon Go became the second-highest-grossing smartphone game in 2017 and saw countless users and non-gamers get involved. Also, with Apple soon to announce the launch of their Apple Glass device, we may be closer to a hands-free gaming system that is high-end and immersive on a new level.

That interest and evolution can only continue when we get into the world of multiplayer AR gaming. This isn’t with us right now because of the reliance on mobile tech and single-player interactions with superimposed images. But there has to be scope for games that allow multiple players to see and interact with the same world, the same scenario, and the same items. You could end up with a sandbox game like no other where teams go out into the real world and hunt for treasure and supplies across their actual town. It’s a massive leap forward, but it isn’t impossible.

Whichever way you feel about AR in gaming right now, there is no doubt that it is here to stay and only going to get bigger and more influential. Therefore, it is important to get ahead of the curve and understand what lies ahead. Those that embrace the tech and its potential can get the best out of it. If not, like those service industries that fail to upgrade, you will be left behind. Students that don’t get the chance to use AR may not get the most enriching experience and fullest curriculum.

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