AR and physical exercise

Another interesting concept for the development of AR is its role in physical exercise. Could superimposed images and GPS based data help fitness fanatics make gains? There is definitely potential here. AR-enabled technology within gyms and fitness centers could elevate the experience. We already have app-led fitness programs that use Google Maps for virtual routes. AR could take that immersive experience even further on treadmills, exercise bikes, or rowers. They could feel like they are really exercising in outdoor settings like beaches or forests – rather than the same-old sweaty gym.

There is definitely plenty of interest in this expansion. One in four of those surveyed on the subject believed that it would be a part of their regime in the next five years. Always half went on to say that the concept of AR multiplayer fitness games was also appealing. So, perhaps we will soon add football, badminton, and other competitive sports to the list of applications. It will require some clever technology for the best and safest interactions. But drab indoor training areas could transform into major stadiums for championship games.

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